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Our Purpose

When adults do better - children, families and communities do better. This is the core philosophy of Advocates Hawai'i - a private business with a social vision.  Our mission is to help adults to be better and live better in Hawai'i. We do this by providing education and resources that improve self-sufficiency and self-improvement. Whether its finishing a high school diploma, pursuing a new career path or starting a small business; Advocates Hawai'i is here to support your journey!



Our Vision

We envision a Hawai'i in which adults are resilient - managing life's challenges in healthy, constructive ways;  and inspired -  learning, growing and improving themselves, their families and their communities.  


Our Action

Living in beautiful Hawai'i can be a challenge on many levels. Struggling to meet basic needs leaves adults with little time learn effective coping  strategies or engage in self-improvement.  Advocates Hawai'i exists to connect adults to resources that are truly useful and impactful.  We do this by listing resources specifically designed for these purposes; and hope you'll find help quicker by using this platform. 

Please note, Advocates Hawai'i strives to list the best resources in Hawaii, however, we do not guarantee your satisfaction with any particular company or organization. If you find any errors or outdated listings; kindly let us know!


Resource Guide


Our Hawai'i Resource Guide connects users to a wealth of local services designed to help adults to learn, grow and improve.  The guide is FREE and is intended to help users find resources quicker.  Users are encouraged to recommend services that they have found useful for inclusion in the Guide. All submissions will be reviewed for appropriateness before being posted.

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Community Advocacy


Advocacy  brings together individuals, families and groups who are creating solutions to some of the toughest problems affecting Hawai'i's families. Each year Advocates Hawai'i selects which areas it will focus its efforts on based on community urgency and available financial and volunteer resources.  

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Professional Development


Productivity and rewarding work help to build our feelings of accomplishment and pride.  Striving for higher levels of achievement is an innate human drive - yet, finding a passion and creating a vision for our lives can be daunting. Career coaching and highly  effective professional development training can help you get there!

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Launch My Business™


Launch My Business (LMB) is a 7-week, 45-hour accelerated course which helps aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners to start or grow a business with greater chance of success. LMB is more than just training; it's a business immersion experience!  Course content and instruction is produced by Advocates Hawai'i under contract with the Patsy T. Mink Center for Business and Leadership.  

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Launch My Non-Profit™


Launch My Non-Profit is a one day workshop for social visionaries. It is designed for two audiences; those who want to formalize their volunteer projects to raise more funds; and new non-profit managers seeking to better understand the non-profit business model. Course content and instruction is produced by Advocates Hawai'i under contract with the Patsy T. Mink Center for Business and Leadership.

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Small Business Advocacy


For  start-up entrepreneurs, some of the toughest challenges are rooted in confusing institutional norms and bureaucratic practices. For mature businesses, employee relations and workforce retention can be a source of ongoing stress.  Advocates Hawai'i helps new business owners to navigate mirky waters; and mature business to build bridges of communication and collaboration with their teams.

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